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There aren't many things worse than paying good money to get a service like carpet cleaning and ending up with nothing but a dirty, wet carpet. There are many things that a dishonest person can do when cleaning carpet to rip people off. They get away with it because people just don't know that they have been taken. So we are listing some of the things that you need to look out for. This is not a complete list, by any means, but it is meant to give you an idea of the kind of things that are being done.

Get your whole house cleaned for 35.00
This sounds really good doesn't it? I have been cleaning carpet for almost 20 years now and have never seen a truly professional carpet cleaner use this kind of add. A true pro knows he just won't make any money at 35.00 dollars per house. It is impossible to do so and the bottom line is you have to be in business to make a profit. In many cases the person doing the work isn't the owner of the business, but a technician who only gets a percentage of he income he produces. At top pay of 40 percent commission he would only make $14.00 dollars if he did your house for $35 dollars. Now ask your self how good a job is this person going to do for $14.00? Right, that is why they will say this:
Your carpets need to be pre-treated with our special traffic lane cleaner (or something to that effect) if we don't pre-treat them the carpets won't come clean (or they will get dirty faster), it its 50 cents per sq. ft.
This is where they get you, pre-treating the traffic lanes is something that should be done in most cases but, it ISN'T something that a reputable company would charge for and the most expensive traffic lane cleaner that I can find costs less that a penny per sq. ft. to use, so there is just no reason to charge 40 cents per sq. ft. unless you want to bump up the price because you didn't charge enough in the first place to make a profit. That is where they get their money. If the customer chooses not to get the pretreatment the "carpet cleaner" will be in and out of there in 30 minutes or less. And sometimes even  if they do get the extra money  they still won't be there more than half an hour or so. Then while their cleaning they will come to you and say:
If you don't get the Carpet Protector reapplied to your carpet all of the stains will come back.
Be very weary if you hear this. All carpet protectors are designed to make the carpet stay cleaner longer, aid in spot and stain removal, and lessen the amount of dirt the carpet holds on to.  If a carpet cleaner gets a spot or stain out of the carpet it should never come back. However sometimes they do and applying carpet protector isn't going to stop that for the most part. Having said that you need to know that some carpet protectors have a chemical to limit wicking, which is one cause of reappearing stains, but there is no guarantee that if you get a carpet protector applied to your carpet none of the stains will come back. Nor is there a guarantee that if you do not get a carpet protector applied to your carpet that the stains will come back. Don't trust a carpet cleaner who tells you this.

In the end there is one of two things that happened 1. You paid only $35 and got dirty wet carpet then had to call someone else out to clean the carpet and take more time out of your life and quite possibly a lot more money to fix the last cleaning. 2. You paid possibly hundreds of dollars and got dirty wet carpet and still had to have someone come out and fix the last cleaning also. So if you want your carpet cleaned and you are mainly concerned about the price you might just end up paying more in the long run.

I personally had a local company call me at my house and say the following to me when I asked about their qualifications:

Them - "We are certified by 3M."
Me - "What does that mean?
Them - "That means we will do a good job, after all do you think a company like 3M would deal with a company that doesn't do a good job?"

When I heard that I just couldn't contain my self. I told the gal on the phone that I was a professional carpet cleaner and I knew that 3M doesn't certify anyone, what they do is give a license to advertise the 3M brand. Sure there is a test to pass in order to get the license. It deals with the application of Scotchguard and the advertising of the brand. There is no questions or information in any way associated with carpet cleaning on the test, or in any of the materials associated with the test.

Ultimately you need to understand that in order to get a good professional job you are going to have to pay a reasonable amount. Sure you want to get a good deal, but if you pay even just $35 dollars and don't get a clean carpet did you get a good deal? When looking for a company to use, don't let the price be what sways you, in this business the old saying applies... If it sounds to good to be true it probably is!

I hope this page and the rest of the site has helped you. If you have any questions please feel free to email me: Jeff@wecleanyourcarpets.com or call: 405-631-1209