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Citro's Carpet Cops

Taking a Bite out of Grime!



Get Your Whole House Professionally Carpet Cleaned

 And Protected For FREE!  

                              AND IN MOST CASES IT WILL BE DRY BEFORE WE LEAVE!!

(You Can Thank My Wife.)


My name is Jeff Citro Sr. I own a local carpet cleaning company called Citro�s Carpet Cops. 

I started this business in 1993 with a burning desire to build a business that was like no other carpet cleaning company out there.  After working for other professional carpet cleaners, I knew there had to be a better way.  I started small, growing one customer at a time.  I had a small pick-up, a portable extraction machine and my wife, Julie who helped me with the books.

I still have my wife (and now a 13 yr old boy), and � one client at a time � I've earned the trust of over 1,600 homeowners (including million dollar estates), industry certifications, and my humble equipment has been upgraded to the best truck-mounted cleaning system and most advanced cleaning, spotting and drying equipment available.


But what does all this have to do with giving away...

FREE Carpet Cleaning??

Here's where the story starts to get interesting.  One day I asked, "Julie, we have great relationships with many loyal clients, I have great technical expertise, and the best equipment and products.  I already offer the best guarantee in the industry...

The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever...Or It's FREE!

What more can we offer our clients?"

My wife thought for a moment and then said...

"Jeff, I'm spoiled.  We own the company, so I never have to worry about carpet cleaning.  Our son spills some juice?  You clean it up immediately.  The dogs track in mud?  It's gone the same day.  We clean our carpets every few months, you always apply Teflon so it's easy to vacuum up the daily grit and when we had that problem with our sink, thanks to our 13 year old plumber, you took care of the overflow and the carpets and flooring weren't even damaged!  You take total care of our carpets and I never worry about them � heck, I hardly even think about them!  Isn't there a way we can give our clients the same experience?"

I tried to explain to her that most of our clients wouldn't want to pay the thousands of dollars it would cost for the same level of service we have at home, that even if they could pay, they are often too busy to think about calling us it a time of need.

She wouldn't have it.  She just looked at me.  "Honey, there's got to be a way."

I like to think that I'm an even better husband than I am a carpet cleaner, so to make my wife happy I had to find a way to give our clients the same hassle-free carpet experience my wife enjoys, and to make it affordable.

I thought about it.  I thought about it some more.  And finally, I came up with an amazing � revolutionary! � plan.  I explained it to my wife and she loved it! 

And then she said, "The plan is great, honey, but...

Let's offer even MORE. 

How about for a limited time only, when they enroll in the plan, let's say Thank You by cleaning and protecting...

Every Carpet In The House For FREE!

So this is my wife's gift to you:  I will professionally clean and protect all the open areas of the carpets in your bedrooms, office, living room, dining room, halls, stairs, area rugs, you name it... for FREE! 

Got Your Attention?

Well it should, because this is an irresistible offer you will find absolutely nowhere else

Now since you've read this far, you obviously see the value of having your carpets professionally cleaned.  You value the look and beauty of your home and understand the emotional and financial value of maintaining clean and healthy carpets.

It is my experience that most homeowners strongly desire to have their carpets regularly cleaned and protected.  Looking and feeling their best, No spills, No odor, No headaches, No embarrassment.

But most people don't think about calling a carpet cleaner very often.  Hallways and walkways start looking dingy, spots start setting in, the house doesn't smell as fresh and allergies and sinuses act up. Why do people wait so long

Because, let's face it, cleaning your carpets is not the main thing on your mind.  You have children, husbands, and wives that need attention.  You have pets, projects, activities and a life to live.  It seems like every time you blink your eyes another six months have flown by. 

With all the other priorities in your life, you just want your carpets to be taken care of, looking great, feeling great, smelling great, adding to the value of your home.  A proud welcome mat whenever you have guests.

Imagine having all of that for FREE.  Well...

FREE is just the icing on the cake.
(And I haven't even mentioned the cherry on top yet)

But before I get to the cherry, let me stop here and confess that if you are just interested in getting your whole house cleaned and protected for free but have no desire to maintain the lifelong beauty of your home then I cannot offer you this incredible gift.

You see, I am only interested in working with people who truly value and take pride in their home.  For those people, the FREE carpet cleaning and carpet protectant will be just the beginning

Because I am thrilled to introduce you to the plan my wife loved...

 Citro�s Carpet Cops:

Grime fighter Program

I think you'll agree that our Grime Fighter Program really lives up to its name. 

We will treat your home like our own.  We respectfully wear clean booties whenever we're inside your house, so we don't add any soiling to your indoor environment, we place a rain/wind cover on the door that our hose enters, to keep your house warm and dry while we clean, we place protective film or pads under wood and metal furniture which rests on the damp, clean carpet to avoid wood stain or rust, we take care around baseboards and where your carpet meets other flooring, always cleaning and drying these areas when we're done, we groom your carpets upon completion for a smooth, attractive appearance and use high-powered air movers to speed dry time if needed. 

But really, that's just our standard service.

I know you won't believe how affordable the Grime Fighter Program is after you read the next few paragraphs, but my wife used to be an accountant so I believe her when she says we can offer you...

1.    My Triple Guarantee.

You get the best cleaning experience ever, or it's free.

(1) 100% Iron Clad, Money Back Guarantee:  If you're not happy, I'll re-clean for free. If you�re still not absolutely thrilled with the services we provided, we�ll refund your money and donate $50 to the charity of your choice. 

(2) 30-Day Stay Gone Guarantee:  Spots we remove stay gone.  If any spot can come out, we can get it out (including red dye stains).  And ones we remove stay gone.  But just in case, if one does come back, you have 30 days to call us back out to remove it again for free.

(3) 14 Day Emergency Guarantee:  If something soils your freshly cleaned carpet within 14 days after we clean it, don't worry, we will come back and spot clean for no charge.

2.    FREE In-Home Carpet Audit.

Our Carpet Audit inspection is a total evaluation of the health of your carpets, taking into consideration the unique factors affecting your home's indoor environment.  I will show you how to double or even triple the life left in your carpets.  I will assess the traffic areas, any stains, spills or odor, protectant levels, the effects of any indoor pollutants, and more.

Would you trust a doctor who prescribes medicine without even giving you an exam?

Yet carpet doctors all over Oklahoma will quote services and prices without even looking at your carpets! Our Carpet Audit results allow us to prescribe a customized maintenance plan for your carpets and give you a firm price for our service, including a written expectation of results.

  3.    My Wife's Gift To You. 

You get your whole house professionally carpet cleaned and protected for FREE.

We give you this free cleaning up front, as soon as you sign up for the plan!  You get our outstanding carpet cleaning service and our superior carpet protectant applied to all of the open areas of every carpet and rug in your house.  No gimmicks or disclaimers, just great service.  (And by open areas we mean if we can see the carpet, we clean it!)

Now, here's the meat of the plan.

4.    You Get Your Whole House Carpet Cleaned And Protected 2x Each Year!

With the Grime Fighter Program, we will clean and protect your home � exactly the same service as your initial FREE cleaning � every six months. 

We pre-schedule your first four semi-annual cleanings when you enroll, so you have a guaranteed appointment even in our busiest season.  We give you a written schedule of your cleaning dates when you enroll in the Grime fighter Program, and remind you again by mail, e-mail and/or phone prior to each scheduled appointment.  If you need to change the date or time just let us know with at least 48 hours notice.

Is it enough?

Carpet manufactures recommend professional cleaning with protectant every 6-12 months.  We realize, however, that some households have the need for more frequent cleaning due to indoor pets, family members with allergy or illness, frequent entertaining, small children in the household or businesses run from the home.  We are happy to customize the Grime fighter Program for monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly cleaning if this is a better fit for your family.

Okay, great.  So we clean every six months, but...

What About Stains And Spots

...that happen when your kids eat in the living room (or you do).  Or when your dog (or husband) sneaks in with dirty feet.  Do you have to just live with a spot in the middle of your carpet?  Nope.  My wife doesn't, and with the Grime Fighter Program, neither do you.  We've come up with three solutions for this problem:

5.    One

I will make sure that you always have a bottle of high quality spot remover on hand.  The kind made for professionals that you can't get at the store, and that doesn't set in stains.  I'll give you a bottle when you sign up for the Grime Fighter Program.  In case you go through that bottle quickly, I'll also give you 10 certificates for a FREE refill.  That's a lot of spotter.  You should really never run out.  But when you renew your Grime fighter Program membership every two years, I'll give you 10 MORE certificates for a FREE refill. That way you will always have something on hand to deal with an emergency right away.  (My wife insisted.)


6.    Two

Anytime there's a spill or a spot or an oops on your carpet � and I mean anytime

24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year

...You will be allowed access to our online troubleshooter Spot Removal Guide, with instructions for treating every imaginable type of spot on your carpet.  It will be like googling the brain of a professional carpet cleaner!  (In case your Internet access is down, we'll also give you a hard copy of this guide when you enroll in the Grime Fighter Program.)

7.    Three

Here is something nobody else offers.  I know, because when my wife suggested it that was the first thing out of my mouth...

Honey, NO ONE offers that much for FREE!

But now, someone does. 

I'll give you 6 certificates for FREE emergency spot and spill removal when you enroll in the Grime Fighter Program, and every time you renew your plan membership, I�ll give you 6 MORE certificates for FREE emergency spot and spill removal

This means that if you can't get out your spot with the professional spot remover we give you, and you can't get out the spot by following our troubleshooter spot removal guide, you just call us.  We come out with our high tech equipment and specialized spot removers and eliminate the problem for FREE.

8.    Healthy Home Every Month.

Each and every month we send out a newsletter called Healthy Home News.  It is chock full of interesting articles, news, fun games and trivia for you.  We also run great contests every month with prizes like a $20 gift certificate to AMC Theatres.

My wife says it's like a mini Oprah magazine without the ads!  Well, and without the nice clothes.  Ok, and no celebrity interviews.  Hmm.  Don't tell her but I don't think it's a lot like the Oprah magazine but I guess if she says that she means it's a great read, and I won't argue with that!

Ok, so I think we've got your carpet pretty well covered.  But your Grime Fighter Program membership goes beyond just carpet.  We've thrown in a bunch of FREE Gifts to make sure you really are taken care of:

9.    A $50 gift certificate for carpet spot dye repair   

10.  Two $50 gift certificates for upholstery cleaning

11.  A $50 gift certificate for advanced odor removal

12.  A $50 gift certificate for mattress cleaning

13.   A $50 gift certificate for tile cleaning

 And there's even more!

As another Thank You for enrolling in the Grime Fighter Program this month, I am going to include...

The Cherry

15. 2 Tickets To Our Annual Client Council Dinner

Now let's put the cherry on top of the cake.  Come dine out with us!  As a special gift to you our preferred client, we'll give you 2 tickets to our annual Client Council Dinner. This is an enjoyable evening for you to have a nice dinner for two on us, meet our other great clients and maybe even win some prizes!

I know what you're thinking right about now...

Great plan, but what will it cost me?  

Well, let's add up what we would normally charge for these services.

Free whole house cleaning with protectant, plus four more whole house cleanings with protectant if your house had 800 square feet of carpeting those would each run about $400( a total of $2,000), a carpet audit: $100, a bottle of spot cleaner with 10 refills: $150, access to the online spot guide, 6 spot clean certificates: $720 a subscription to Healthy Home News,:$120, Gift Certificates for upholstery cleaning, odor removal, mattress cleaning, and tile cleaning  $250, 2 tickets to our Client Council Dinner, $100

That's over $3800 in value!

My wife is right no matter how much our clients will enjoy fresh, beautiful, healthy carpets like she does at home, not many of them would be able to pay us $3,500 every two years for a membership like this. 

My wife is a very determined woman, and since she used to be an accountant I trust her when she says she's found a way that we can offer the Grime Fighter Plan membership for...

As low as $15/month!!

Is that ALL??  It was hard for me to believe the first time I heard it!  But here's what she told me.


Jeff, I know we can find a way to make this work.  Let's make it a 2-year membership and charge their credit card monthly.  That way they never have to come up with a large payment, in fact they don't even have to worry about payment because we'll take care of it automatically in small monthly installments!  Also, let's thank the first few people to sign up by giving them...

A Second FREE Whole House Carpet Cleaning And Protectant

Geez, my wife wants to give it all away!  Before I could get a word in she continued.

Depending on the square footage of the carpets in their whole house, some clients will invest as little as $15 a month!  Someone with more square footage to clean will have a higher monthly payment, but even someone with 800 square feet of carpet will get all this for only $50 per month. 

Since only about 50-60% of most homes total square footage is carpeted � especially taking into account uncarpeted areas, utility areas and the wall space � this will really be affordable.  In fact, if we didn't own the company I'd be the first in line to sign up for the Grime Fighter Program!


The following is an example list of all the benefits of the Grime Fighter Program:


     Citro�s Carpet Cops Triple Guarantee                                    FREE

     Free Whole House Clean And Protect                                $400*

     In-Home Professional Carpet Inspection                           $100

    Whole House Clean And Protect Every 6 Months           $1600*

    6 Certificates For Spot And Spill Cleanings                       $720

    10 Refill Certificates For Spotter Remover                           $150

    2 Year Subscription To Healthy Home News                    $120

       24 Hr Access To Our Emergency Spot Guide                    $20

    2 $50 Gift Certificates For Upholstery Cleaning                $100

    $50 Gift Certificate For Advanced Odor Treatments           $50

    $50 Gift Certificate For Advanced Mattress Cleaning        $50

    $50 Gift Certificate For Air Duct Cleaning                             $50

    2 Tickets To Our Annual Client Council Dinner               $100

    Certificate For A Free Whole House Clean And Protect   $400*


                                                                            Total Value:          $3860*

                                                         Your Total Investment:         $1200*

                                                   Your Monthly Investment:             $50*



    *Based upon 800 square feet of carpeted area.



Since you're reading this, you probably guessed that she talked me into doing it. I gave her everything she wanted in the Grime Fighter Program. But I told her that I can only accept a few clients into the grime Fighter Program right now.  After all, I will be dedicating time to these preferred clients and want to be able to take care of them properly.  Also, I still need to be able to service our clients who are moving out or selling their homes and don't need long-term carpet maintenance.  So...

This month we can only accept 20 clients into the Grime Fighter Program.

Let me repeat, I can only enroll 20 clients into the Grime Fighter Program at this time, and I recommend that you be one of them.  Our schedule is really starting to filling up as we build more and more loyal clients, so you'll want to call right now to schedule your carpet audit and FREE whole house cleaning to get started with your enrollment.

Call (405) 631-1209 Right Now.

The phones have been pretty busy, so if you have to leave a message be sure to let me know that you want to enroll in the Grime Fighter Program, so that you can be one of the 20 premier members and receive your FREE carpet cleaning and protectant for your whole house.

As a final point, there is not another carpet cleaning company in the area with a plan like this


Through years of research, long conversations with my wife and peers and late nights thinking this through, I know that my wife and I have created the best plan to deliver the best value to you

To schedule your FREE whole house cleaning and protection and to enroll in the Grime Fighter Program,

Call me now at (405) 631-1209.

Thank you,

Jeff Citro Sr.

Owner, Citro�s Carpet Cops

P.S.   If you would like detailed information on choosing a professional carpet cleaner, learn more by going calling our Consumer Awareness Report and find out: 

 "The Four Costly Mistakes Smart People Make Every Day When Choosing A Carpet Cleaner".

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